LOK Recordings is a Berlin based record label founded in the end of 2015.
We focus on upcoming talented producers, rare – sometimes elusive styles, and purpose build artworks.
LOK allocates a scope for artists and producers to provide space for collaboration, innovation and experimentation.
The aim is to take people on a journey with our releases and events, to present difference and to create strong,
intimate bonds between clubs, producers and the audience to support
the now more or less open-minded culture of electronic music.


Featured Artists




Please only send in links to private tracks on soundcloud

and remember to enable the download option. We’ll listen to every demo

and you will get a short feedback from one of our artists,

but please be patient and give us 1-2 weeks to answer.

trash (at) lok-recordings.com

info (at) lok-recordings.com

Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 103, 10553 Berlin